On the eve of our first ever Virtual UnmanedCanada,20 Conference, we’ve assembled some tips to help you get the best experience as an attendee.

  1. Sign in to the conference a few minutes early to have a look around and to familiarize yourself with the setup.
  2. If you have not already been using the popular video conferencing app, Zoom, it is a good time to download it and test that it works. The conference will be using zoom for parts of the program and getting it set up in advance will speed your first day.
  3. Download the latest version of the conference from the Conference or our conference site uc20.unmannedsystems.ca
  4. Make use of every inch of your screen and get the best experience by maximizing the size of your browser window. The conference proceedings take a lot of screen space and maxing the window will make it easier to access the content.
  5. When attending each session, the videos will play on the main session page. To attend the Q&A and live discussion periods for each session, please click on the zoom button that is presented.
  6. Share your experience and learnings on Social Media with the hashtag #UC20Remote
  7. If all out fails, or you require help please proceed to the help centre window –  conference team is standing by live for assistance.